Highline Times by Marci Blumberg

Installed in December 2016 as part of "Art-N-Transit" in Aurora, Colorado during an interlude of unusually warm weather.  This visually engaging bas-relief portrays some of the fascinating heritage of the area and more specifically, the High-Line Canal; the piece aims to “bridge the canal with art” by creating a linear journey to be enjoyed while moving, as well as communicate the importance of water to the area.


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A Final Home by Marci Blumberg

Well, after almost five years of temporary homes, "America's Response Monument"  sculpture has been placed in its permanent home overlooking Ground Zero, NYC.  It resides in the new elevated, Liberty Park where it appropriately overlooks the footprints of the original World Trade Center Twin Towers of the 9/11 Memorial Plaza.    

I am excited and honored.  A final dedication in New York City will take place on September 13th.  

America's Response Monument bronze sculpture in Liberty Park

America's Response Monument bronze sculpture in Liberty Park